Dion's world 

A Picture Essay

Written in First Person by Dion's uncle

December 15, 2006

My name is Dion and this is an overview of my life.  Today, I turn 5.

I make silly faces:   funny face    funny face

When I go to fun places.

I like to play.    Bubbles!!! 

And I LOVE eating cake:   Do you want some?  NOT!

This is my birthday cake.  Don't touch! 

I am learning how to bowl   Weeeeeeee!! 

Play catch with a baseball    and hit the ball.

and mini golf.   

My favorite video games are the car racing ones. 

I also like ice skating but after a long day of playing I get really tired

I get excited about the Southwest Airlines Shamu airplane,

and any other airplane 

I really like robots,

and dancing   dancing

dancing   DANCING!!! 

I like school...sometimes...   Just give me my diploma already!

I really like the Boston duck boats and driving them is fun too. 

But I have the most fun with my mom & dad

grandma    and grandpa 

and the rest of the family... 

I like Spider Man.     I am a spider too.

And I own my own Spider Man pajamas.


I'm silly!

You want to play?